Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fab-ruary 24th

Another day to link up with Helen at:

And to be challenged to "find the fab" in my life!

Today, the challenge is to share your -


My pleasures are not really anything that I have to feel "guilty" about!

Things like...

Almost anything chocolate!

Having my hair done;
shampoo, conditioner,
cut, color
and blow dried!

Watching back-to-back
"chick flicks"
Hallmark or Lifetime!

Reading a good book
all the way through
at one sitting!

Eating a bowl of
ice cream!

My favorites are
"plain" vanilla,
mint chocolate chip,
butter pecan;
and I also love

Staying up late...
just to have quiet time
all by myself!

Taking a long soak
in a bubble bath!

This is one of those prompts that I could add to as I think of more things.  I'm a pretty simple person and it doesn't take much to make me happy!

These are just a few things that really do make me happy!

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