Sunday, January 18, 2015

Are We There Yet? Sweet Pete's

...located in Jacksonville, FL, Sweet Pete's was discovered by my youngest daughter when she moved into the neighborhood called Springfield.  Established in 1869, The Springfield Historic District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and contains examples of 19th and early 20th century architecture.  Many of the old homes are being renovated back to their original beautiful conditions.

Sweet Pete's was originally in an old but updated Victorian house in Springfield, within walking distance from my daughter's apartment.  The store is always decorated for the different seasons and holidays - Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas - which gives the appearance of a "Candyland" or "Willy Wonka" sort of place!

Decorated for Spring and Easter

 The owner of Sweet Pete's has been looking for a larger place for quite some time; and they finally moved into a 3-story building in the middle of downtown Jacksonville in December 2014 where they almost tripled their space!

We visited the new location for the first time during the Christmas holidays...

When I first saw their sign - Sweet Pete's - I was a little disappointed!  I was looking for the VERY DECORATED place we were used to visiting.

Son-in-law and Grandson
crossing to Sweet Pete's

we crossed the street and stepped onto the veranda of the new building, and spotted the beautiful chairs!  Of course, we had to test them for comfort...

Relaxing on the Veranda

That was just the beginning!  The inside was even better!!

From TOP...

Lighting in Different Sections of the Store

to BOTTOM...

The Ice Cream Parlor

Sweet Pete's is definitely "The Sweetest Destination..."

The Grandsons Agree!

Loved it in the old house; 

love it even more with the added space!

Reaching for the Big Lollipop

There will definitely be more visits to "The Sweetest Destination on Earth"!

Find more information about Sweet Pete's at: or

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