Sunday, January 25, 2015

RJD Day 14 Prompt - My Perfect Day

Sharing Day 14 of Random Journal Day's "21 Days of Journaling in January".  The fun with Dawn and all the bloggers actually ends on the 25th; but since I am still behind, I will continue to post until I am finished!

I may just write some of the last week's posts in my hand-written journal (yes, I do still write in my journal!)...they are a bit more "personal"!

But the prompt for Day 14 is "My Perfect Day"...

What would a perfect day look like for me?

Wake up after a good night's rest.

Read Bible and Devotions;
Journal my thoughts.
Eat a healthy and filling breakfast.

"Dress" for the day...
or not - some days it's great to stay in pj's!

Write for an hour...
or two or three!

Eat a delicious lunch.

Work on something creative!

Read for an hour...
or two or three!

Take a nap;
a "cat nap" or a long "bear-like" nap!

Take a long walk,
and enjoy God's beauty!

Write or read a bit more,
whichever calls to me!

Eat a light dinner.

Get ready for bed.


Go to bed
for another
good night's rest!

All alone!

No stresses or pressures or TV blaring or horns honking or any of those other "noises"!

Just the sounds of God's world: the birds singing; water flowing down the mountains; a slight breeze in the air...

All alone!

I could do that...

This would be a Perfect Day!

But, "Perfect Days" are meant to be shared -

So, I would share it with my family and friends!

But, just once - I would love to enjoy My Perfect Day!!


  1. We do love our quiet, don't we?

    Blessings as you find perfect "moments" in the reality of your everyday.

  2. Hmmm...I don't know what happened, by my first attempt at a comment didn't take.

    Anyway, you give a nice description; I hope you get many days like that!

    1. Thanks for reading, Andrew...not sure what is going on - but I did a stupid thing the other day and deleted a bunch of comments - not realizing it deleted them off the post! I didn't want to do that and was searching for a way to un-delete them!

      And I wanted to put something at the bottom by the "Add Comment" thanking people for reading and commenting!

      I am totally NOT a techy and should just leave things as they are!!

      Thank you for reading...I hope I get many days like that, too - like right now it IS quiet because hubby has already left and TV is NOT on!!! So, I AM alone - which is not a bad thing once in a while!!!

  3. LOL Barbara, love your'll have to take yourself off for a weekend away somewhere, just you (you deserve it!)......your perfect day looks pretty much like my perfect day would....but I'd have to have the littles around......

    1. Well, I took advantage of a beautiful, sunny, slightly chilly Sunday morning and after stopping at a couple of stores, found a place to just sit and write!! I know, I should have been in church; but the quietness of the apartment just wasn't the right place - I would have kept thinking of other things I should have been doing!

      I journaled several pages worth!! Some of it was from Day 15's prompt in the "21 Days of Journaling in January" - we were to write a letter to someone who has impacted our spiritual life, either in a positive way or a negative way. This one will remain in the journal!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...there will still be that weekend!!! Actually, I have two weekend retreats - one in March which is out of town and the other which is in town but I may stay at the hotel instead of going back and forth each day...I'll be sharing more about that soon!!

  4. What a lovely 'perfect day'. I always struggle between my love for my family and my introverted ways ;). I love time alone, but then I miss my family. Occasionally I go away to conferences and have lots of alone time, but I keep thinking how nice it would be for my family to see all that I get to see!

    1. We do need our alone time to be able to "be there" for our family and our friends! I actually came back home and finished 2 posts I have been trying to get done for days; and while I was out was able to get some alone shopping done...then when hubby came home, we went back out to buy him a pair of shoes (and I took the opportunity while we were there - in the same shopping center - to go by the craft store!

      Thank you for your comment! Always encouraged...

  5. Love how simple your perfect day is (especially the nap part).


    1. Yes, I don't normally take a nap; but it seemed to FIT!!! Besides, if this is my alone time - I can be flexible and keep going until I crash; or stop for a nap in between all the reading and writing and whatever!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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