Monday, January 5, 2015

Perfect in Weakness

Every year I begin with a fresh new start - attempting to set aside time for DAILY BIBLE READING and DEVOTION/MEDITATIONS.  Whether I begin first thing in the morning, or find a bit of quiet time in the evening, my "resolution" or "goal" is to take that time to get into God's Word and learn what He has for me to "hear" from the Scriptures.  (Most years I do NOT make it all the way through ALL 365 days of the year!  This year I did have to combine the 1st and 2nd due to a time conflict; but it IS my goal to read all 365 days of devotions!)

The first source I am using for 2015 is from The Upper Room * which features writers from around the world who share a brief Scripture and Meditation for each day.  My Church subscribes to these small purse-size booklets which are written for two months at a time.  I usually pick one up for myself and a friend.

My second source is A Daily Journey Through Psalms for Women" ** which is a 365 day Journey using the Psalms; or as they are sometimes called, "Hymns of Praise".  And, we do find many praises and supplications in the Psalms, such as "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord." (Psalm 150:6).  The Psalms and Proverbs are two of my favorite Chapters in the Bible!

Each morning as I read from these books, absorb what is provided for my pondering, and journal my thoughts, I attempt to merge the Scripture references from the two sources.

Sometimes that is not as easy as it may sound - 

...but it gives me something to ponder as I study and think on it throughout the day!

Today I am pondering two thoughts:

1.  Perfect in Weakness

 "The Lord said to Paul, '...for my power is made perfect in weakness.' "

When I am weak - because of health issues or uncertain times or just taking a "wrong turn" on my journey through this life - He is my guide and will use my weakness to put me back on the right path.  His power is so great that whatever the situation, He is able to do that which no man can do!

A portion of my journal entry for this scripture says: "Roadblocks, detours, intersections - even thoroughfares - God uses them all!"

As I travel the Road of Life - specifically that road I call Dementia's Demands - I can know that He is there in his perfection making use of my weaknesses!

2.  God's Word

As we continue to read and study God's Word, our thoughts and lives become more in tune with His.  We learn the truths He teaches us; we read the words He has put in front of us to follow.  We are open to "hear" His word and relate it to our lives - our journey.

As His "power is made perfect in weakness", we are strengthened through His Word.

Another portion of my journal entry continues the thought on the above entry:  "As I continue on my journey - through life; in faith; with a new start in a new year - I know 'my help comes from the Lord'."  His Word provides that help as I continue the journey.

"He uses every mis-step, every detour, every roadblock, to keep me on the right path, the right thoroughfare, for the plans He has for my life."

Thank you, God, that Your Word guides me through it all!

* The Upper Room, Inc., is a ministry of GBOD, 1908 Grand Ave., Nashville, TN 37212-2129.  It is printed in the USA in 33 Languages!!  For further information about The Upper Room, go to The; and for the International editions of The Upper Room, see

** Compiled by Freeman-Smith, a Division of Worthy Media, Inc., 134 Franklin Rd., Suite 200, Brentwood, TN 37027.

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