Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RJD Day 8 Prompt - My Super Power

Sharing Day 8 of Random Journal Day's 21 "Days of Journaling in January" - Check it out here and join the fun!


Up in the sky...


Super - Who?

Super - Me!


What kind of super hero would I be?

What powers would I possess?

Would I sweep in from high up in the sky to save the world?

Would I creep up from the under-world to show up at just the right time?

Would I quickly change into a fancy costume before climbing the tallest building?

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Or, would I just casually walk down the street...

looking this way and that - 

waiting for that robber or purse snatcher to run by;

or a bully attacking an unsuspecting victim?

NO!  None of these would do...

If I had super powers, I think I would like to have an amazing sense or intuition...

to be able to sense when a friend was in need of company;

or when my children needed a phone call;

or my grandchildren needed comforting.

To know when I should stop what I was doing...

and say a quick prayer for someone in need.  God would know what they needed; even if I didn't.


that's what I'd like to have - 

the intuition to be able to do that...

But, I don't!

And, that's OK; because I have God who will give me a little nudge in the direction I need to go...

to go visit that friend;

or call my child who may need me;

or go comfort my grandchild;

or to stop and say a prayer for someone in need!

So, I guess I have that power afterall!!

A "super hero" doesn't have to be "super" as the world sees "super"!

A "super hero" is "super" as God sees them...

And I thank Him that I can be his "power" to help those in need!

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