Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RJD Day 2 Prompt - Milestones or Moments

Sharing Day 2 of Random Journal Day's 21 "Days of Journaling in January" - Check it out here and join the fun!

As one who scrapbooks, I can speak personally about those "milestones" that we want to make sure makes it into the photo albums!

The Weddings
Melissa and Thony

The Anniversaries
My Grandparents 50th

The Births
Oldest Daughter
PG with her Second Son

The Birthdays
3rd Birthday

And these "milestones" are only a few of many more:  graduations, new jobs, new cars, major family vacations, etc.


As Rose Kennedy reminds us:  "Life isn't a matter of milestones..."

So, we also remember the "moments" or the "ordinary" - the every day moments in our life that are also milestones we want to remember...

Just Hanging Out

Attending a Ball Game

Going to the Zoo

Hiding in a Tent at Home

Playing Outside

When we look back on our lives - will we remember only the major "milestones"; or will we remember and share the "ordinary" days, too?

Hoping they will all be remembered - and scrapbooks are a great way of helping to preserve those memories!

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